Eyes down for Britains favorite 90 Ball Bingo!

The traditional 90-Ball Bingo has been played in the UK since donkey’s years. This game is gaining increasing interest as a preferred leisure activity for British women aged between twenty to twenty five years. Dating in tradition back to community halls and gentlemen clubs, this fabulous Bingo variety usually has three rounds to it, one line, two lines and the full house. You may stumble upon an occasional fast first five number or lines segregated to a top, bottom or a middle line. But that’s that then.

As the name suggests, the 90-ball bingo relates to the maximum quantity of numbers that can be called during the game. The bingo cards look slightly different with three horizontal rows and nine vertical columns. The first column using the range 1-10, the second numbers 11-20, the third 21 to 30 and so on and so forth till you reach the ninth column. As the dealer calls the numbers, the players score each number called on their cards. The first player who completes each of three patterns shouts out “Bingo!” As the win is confirmed, a new game begins. Child’s play, isn’t it?

The first player to complete a horizontal line of the numbers called, wins ‘One Line’, the first to complete two horizontal lines wins ‘Two Lines’ and, the player who is lucky enough to complete all three lines wins the ‘Full House!’. Prizes for each of the three patterns increase in value with the principle prize reserved for the Full House winner.

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