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The town of Macau gets its name from the name of a sea goddess, Mazu. The shrines of the goddess were called Magao, which means a temple of the goddess ‘A-Ma’. The name of the place was actually a result of miscommunication between the Portuguese and the locals of the place.

When the Portuguese came to this place, sometime during the 1500s, they wanted to know what the place was called. The locals said it was Magao, thinking that the Portuguese were inquiring about the temple. That is how the Portuguese, who colonized this place, referred to it for the next four hundred years. Finally, on 20th December 1999, Macau seceded from the Portuguese state and was officially declared to be a part of the People's Republic of China, as a special unit in administrative terms. The land of Macau is small when compared to Shanghai and Beijing, which are the metropolitan cities in China. The total area covered by Macau is a mere 27.5 square kilometre. With a 95 percent population of people of Chinese descent, Macau’s total population stands at 469,800. There are also Portuguese and other foreign nationals that make up a part of Macau’s population.


Macau Hotel is a mix of both the Western culture and the Chinese traditions. A major chunk of the population stays on the Macau Peninsular. The architecture of the city sports both traditional styles as well the European styles. In all manners of its lifestyle, you will find that the town is well gelled, embracing modernity with traditions and western culture with the oriental culture.

Macau Hotel is a place that is well suited to a permanent residence as well as to tourism. The town’s scenic beauty combined with some architectural marvels make it a great destination for tourists to visit. Besides, the town also offers a clean and hygienic environment. A number of cultural sights and historical buildings form a part of Macau. You can catch a ride to get around the city but exploring the town on foot is a great way to see all that is there in the city. That way you will be able to enjoy the impressive buildings of European architecture that line the streets as well as visit the tiny shops that sell the local goodies. The entire Peninsula offers a range of famous places that tourists love and enjoy. The main town square is called Largo do Senado. It is the busiest area in the entire city and is surrounded by some beautiful buildings. An array of shopping stalls selling clothes, jewellery, artefacts, eateries etc. line the area. A walk towards the northern part of the city will take you to some of the most famous sights in the city. These include the Ruins of St. Paul's Church, The Museum of Macau, and Monte Fort. Each of these places has a story to tell and forms an inherent part of the city’s history and culture. As a tourist you are bound to love these heritage sights.

The A-Ma Temple is located in the south western part of Macau, at the base of Penha Peninsula. The temple was built by the Ming Dynasty. The festival season sees huge celebrations and fanfare here as hundreds of people flock to the temple to pay their respects and worship the goddess. For a view of the more modernized part of the city, you will have to travel to the southern areas of the Peninsula.

The Outer Harbour Area and the New Reclaimed Area are the places where you will find all the modernities of the present times. Tens of casinos and hotels are located on this part of the peninsula. There are also some museums that you must check out, for they give you much insight into the history and culture of the city. These include the Macau Art Museum, the Macau Wine Museum and the Grand Prix Museum. There are two islands, Coloane and Taipa that are attached to the Macau Peninsular and can be accessed by bridges. These islands have some very beautiful scenic beauties like Bamboo Bay and Hac Sa Bay, lovely beaches and quiet lounges on the waterfront. There is a racetrack at the Macau Hotel Jockey Club. For great delicacies and dishes from around the world, Macau offers a lovely treat.

Macau night
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Whether it is Cantonese food or Portuguese food, food of the finest quality is served here. Ethnic food from Japan, France, Brazil, India, Italy, Korea… all of it is right here. The most popular delicacy of this place are the dim sums. Another speciality is an egg tart made in the Portuguese manner called The Pastéis de Nata. The varieties of dim sums are endless ranging from exotic cookies of cashew, almond cakes, cheese cakes… the list is huge and almost endless. The one thing that you must eat here are the dim sums. Most restaurants and hotels offer various types of dim sum on their menu and it is a treat to enjoy them.

Also called the Las Vegas of the Orient, Macau Hotel is fast expanding its gambling business. The fact that the number of casinos are on the rise in the city is testimony to this. In a casino, you will never find yourself caught up in the middle of chaos. Instead, the pleasure of gambling is more relaxing here. There is a huge list of casinos spread all over the town. Most of these casinos are located in downtown Macau Hotel. However, you will be able to find casinos in other parts of the city as wel.. the casinos range from affluent casinos to some mid-tier joints to extremely casual ones to some very shady places that pass for casinos. Most casinos are open to public, although they will also have VIP lounges. Nevertheless, if you visit this city then you must visit the casinos at least to see their themes and settings, if not play. Visitors love to spend their time frequenting the different casinos.

Cotai Strip

Combined with great sights, great food, great culture and a hospitable environment, Macau Hotel is a great place to visit. The tourists coming here from the western countries have a grand time exploring the city and enjoying the different sights. As a westerner you will feel as much at home here as a local Chinese man.


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