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MBS Project
Las Vegas Sands is the developer of this expensive property of casino which fronts the Singapore’s Marina bay. The Marina Bay Sands resort comprises of 2560 hotel rooms, a convention center, 2 theatres, a shopping mall, a museum of science and arts, 6 restaurants, 2 floating pavilions and a casino featuring 1600 slot machines and 500 tables. Moshe Safdie Architects are the designers of this resort.

The initial opening of the resort was scheduled in the year 2009. However, owing to various factors including global recession, the project was delayed. There was a partial opening made in April 2010 and the official grand opening took place in 2010 on 23rd June. The integrated resort is still under construction and is expected to be completed by the end of 2010.

Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands

There were two proposals for the first integrated resort in Singapore and one of them was the Marina Bay Sands and the other one is Resorts World Sentosa. These two resorts were envisioned to take care of the objectives of both tourism and economy of Singapore and both have a 30 year license for casino with exclusive ones for the starting decade.

There were four criteria based on which the assessment of bidders were done:

• Contribution and appeal to tourism
• Design and architecture
• Investment in development
• Partners and consortium strength

It was in 2006 May, when Las Vegas Sands (LVS) won the bid for Marina Bay Sands resort. The proposal was commended by international architects for the layout design as being the best among other bidders. The hotel towers were designed in such a way that they had a huge view of both the city and the Marina Bay which in turn made the Singapore downtown skyline more unique and appealing. The bid was submitted by LVS by itself.

The venture
The initial investment was planned around 3.85 billion Singapore dollars but was increased to 8 billion Singapore dollars in 2009 after taking into account the rising prices of labor and raw materials. As per LVS, Marina Bay Sands is one of the most demanding and expensive integrated resort till date. The casino is expected to make $1Billion every year as profit.

An amount of $100 is charged for daily entry and $2000 for unlimited annual access. The resort started attracting nearly 25000 visitors just after a couple of months of opening. Apart from the casino, the resort also features 2500 suites, convention centre and a museum. A lot of feng shui masters were consulted in the designing of this resort.

Marina Bay Sands Sky Park
Marina Bay Sands Sky Park
Marina Bay Sands Pool
Marina Bay Sands Pool

While the initial opening was scheduled in 2009, it actually happened only in 2010. The Marina Bay Sands resort is not yet completed and is expected to be over by 2011. A preview inauguration was held in April 2010 and the grand opening happened on June 23rd of the same year.

• The two floating pavilions, museum and the 2 theatres will be finished by end of 2010.
• The musical product of Disney productions, The Lion King is expected to debut in the theaters of the resort in 2011 March.

The towers of the Marina Bay Sands resort have 55 floors and the Sands SkyPark, the terrace over the roof connects all the 3 hotel towers. The towers have the blocks for theatre, convention centre and casino before them. There are 1400 slot machines and 1000 tables for gaming in the casino. The museum for science and arts is made near these blocks in the form of lotus. The roof can be retracted very easily and when the rainwater gets collected on top, it has the provision of a waterfall in the daytime. There are also laser shows when the same is opened in the night. The museum is scheduled to open by 2010 December.

There is a swimming pool which is apparently longest in the world. Apart from these there are nightclubs, restaurants on rooftop, gardens, observatory to enjoy the skyline of Singapore. There is also an Art path designed by Moshe Safdie featuring 7 installations of 5 different artists.

Reaching MBS
You can reach this integrated resort in the following two ways.

• By using MRT (Mass Rapid Transit)
• By using the Public transport.
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