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Situated in the fashion show drive near the Boulevard of Las Vegas, the Trump Hotel Las Vegas is a luxurious 64 storey condo hotel. This hotel in Nevada is named after the famous Donald Trump, who is a very popular developer of real estate. Right across from the Wynn Las Vegas, on an area of 3.46 acres, stands proudly the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas. The Fashion show mall is also near the Trump hotel. This hotel has both residential and non-residential condominiums to cater to everyone. 24 carat gold is used for gilding the exterior windows of the hotel which speaks of the richness in décor. The Trump hotel is also a member of the leading hotels of the World.

The first tower, tower 1, was opened on 31st of March in the year 2008. There is a restaurant in the hotel named as DJT, after the name of the developer Donald J Trump. There is also a restaurant on the poolside which is known by the name H2(eau). The response of the sellers to the first tower was totally overwhelming. So Donald Trump has announced that there will be an identical second tower which will be built right next to the first one. The first tower, which stands at 620 ft, is the tallest residential building in the whole of Las Vegas.

Trump Hotel Vegas
Trump Hotel Vegas

It was in the year 2004 when this hotel project was announced. This was a joint project between Phil Ruffin, Brett J. Plant and of course Donald J. Trump. The designers of this project were the Bergman, Walls & Associates and the Perini Building company was the construction firm.

Donald Trump built a center for sales for the tower, before its construction, in the Boulevard of Las Vegas. Nearly 3 million dollars was spent on building this temporary center for sales.

Ego clash
There is a rumor that Donald Trump built his tower taller than the then tallest tower of Steve Wynn’s Wynn Las Vegas resort which exhibited a little rivalry between these two developers. The Wynn Las Vegas resort is located only a block in the east from Trump Hotel. However Trump insisted that this is just a rumor. Wynn was in fact invited to the private ceremony for groundbreaking of the tower which was accepted by Wynn too.

Trump Hotel Vegas Pool
Trump Hotel Vegas Pool
Trump Hotel Vegas Room
Trump Hotel Vegas Room

There was some signs of ego on the part of Trump, more so when Ivana Trump, his ex proposed a 73 storey condominium north on the Strip. Trump rejected the idea calling the location as bad and is not very saleable. The project of Ivana Trump was canceled in the end of the year 2005.

When Trump was told that the stratosphere tower in Las Vegas will be twice the length than the building of Trump, Trump retaliated saying it cannot be considered a building.

Building structure
A floor was added to the tower in every four days of its construction. One can see the tower’s progress from the Desert Inn Road. It was on 31st March 2008, when the Trump Hotel Las Vegas started entertaining guests, that is they opened to the public.

Latest proceedings
The opening of the Trump Hotel Las Vegas has had a huge influence on the Strip of Las Vegas. The situation on the Strip, especially the economy, has changed significantly with the opening of Trump Hotel. The opening of the second tower is however delayed along with the adjacent Plaza hotel which is in the pipeline. There has been one Michelin star awarded so far to the DJT restaurant of this hotel which speaks volumes about its quality.
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