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Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex is situated on the bank of river Yarra in Melbourne, Australia. It is a casino and at the same an entertainment complex that is owned by Crown Limited.
After it was shifted from its previous location to the present complex in 1997 it has become a landmark on the south bank within the central business district.

Originally Crown Casino opened in 1994 on the north of Yarra River and moved to its new complex in 1997 at the south bank. The casino is open throughout the year except on Anzac Day, Good Friday and Christmas. It is perhaps the biggest casino south of the equator.

Crown casino has 2500 poker machines and 350 table games. Six main games are played in the casino like Poker, Baccarat, Pai Gow, Craps, Blackjack and Roulette. The casino has also pioneered introduction of Rapid Roulette. This is a digital form of Roulette which is basically the same however it is different from the traditional roulette in the way that this game happens on a touch screen that is networked to a central server. The player can see the entire betting layout and has a personal electronic touch screen to play. Rapid Roulette has become popular and has been played for several years. Following in the footsteps of Rapid Roulette other games have been introduced in similar format. These games are Rapid Baccarat, Sic-bo and Bigwheel.

Crown Casino
Crown Casino

Crown casino’s core gaming floor has provision for playing Caribbean Stud Poker along with an array of poker games that includes Taxas Hold’em. For poker a separate section has been marked in the basement.

In Crown Casino there exista over 2500 slot machines with values from 1 cent to 1 dollar, all located on the casino floor. However in the VIP area there are some 5 dollar machines.

Reward schemes
Crown Entertainment Complex started a loyalty program in order to reward its patrons, called the “Signature Club” on 1st of October 2009. In this program Signature Club members are eligible to get credit points on the money they spend. They get the points if they spend the money within the Crown complex which includes shopping, gaming, clubs, restaurants hotels, spa and bars. Points are credited to the account of the member and these points can be redeemed in the form of services or goods within the Crown Entertainment Complex.
Signature Club has been divided into several levels like Platinum, Gold, silver, Bronze and Black. The members are allotted a level according to the points earned. These levels have different facilities for each. Depending on the level of membership they are offered discounts, and entrance to various restricted areas of the complex including the VIP areas. This reward program encompasses every kind of patrons that visit the complex. Those who visit the complex for purposes not related to gaming are also rewarded points.
Entertainment complex

The outstanding feature of the entertainment complex is its entrance which feature stepped fountains and light/sound shows with the seasonal theme. The entrance includes pyrotechnic towers throughout the length of the promenade. As you enter the entertainment complex you will find a village cinema complex. There are a couple of night clubs, food courts, fast food joints, multiple restaurants, and variety of shops. There is a gaming arcade that is fully electronic, bowling alley and laser tag game- collectively known as “Galactic Cirus”.

Crown has a complex of three hotels. Within the Crown Entertainment Complex is located its 5-star hotel the “Crown Towers”. Overlooking the city centre and on the river Yarra banks, it has 481 rooms spread over 43 floors. At level 29 of this building is housed the Crystal Club which is a 5-star lounge overlooking the city.
The next hotel is the “Crown Promenade”. This 465 roomed hotel is located at the back of Crown Towers; a pedestrian overpass connects the main complex across Whiteman Street.

The third hotel is the “Crown Metropol”. This 4-star hotel is also has a pedestrian overpass connecting to the main complex by. Across 28 floors it has 658 rooms, which is said to be the largest in Australia.

Water features
Water plays a prominent part in the Crown Entertainment Complex landscape inside as well as outside the casino complex. These include Southern Porte Cochere, Brigades and Celebration, Revelry, the seasons of fortune.
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