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Star City Casino is located in Pyrmont, Sydney, overlooking the Darling Harbour. Formerly it was known as Sydney Harbour Casino. Star City Casino comprises of two gaming floors, seven restaurants, eight bars and a hotel with three hundred fifty rooms and privately owned one hundred thirty apartments. It also has a 2000 sitting capacity theatre. The theatre is called the Lyric Theatre and is one of the premier theatres of Sydney.

Tabcorp is the owner of Star City which is the only legal casino in Sydney. In 2008 Star City undertook a major renovation project called the Project Star. During this refurbishment the orientation of the casino was changed towards Sydney Harbour. The entrance to the casino was given a new iconic look and a drop-off zone was created on the harbour side of the casino. Project Star is still continuing and expected to end in 2012.

Gaming Areas
There are two gaming floors in the casino. The first is the level one gaming floor which is the main gaming area. Level one is for general public. The second is on level three which is known by the name Endeavour Room. This is a premium gaming area where the table bet range from $25 to $75,000. Within the Endeavour Room there exist another area which is called the Inner Sanctum which is a very high stake area where the bet ranges from $100 to $300,000. These two areas are reserved for those who play very high and this area is also open for international guests. However international guests have to make an application for membership which is vetted by Star City management before approving the same. Junket players are also allowed to use the Inner Sanctum pits. In the early days of the casino the junket play was abandoned, but then in 2002 the casino made some huge losses and decided to introduce junket play once again. Thereafter, in 2005 junket play was introduced.

Star City Casino
Star City Casino

During the refurbishment the gaming area was made more spacious, however the space was not large enough for adding more gaming tables. Only the space was made larger and the Oasis Lounge and the 36 Degrees Bar was added to it. Three divisions were made of the main gaming area. These separate areas were allocated one each for table games, electronic gaming, and Poker. With the popularity of poker increasing the number of poker tables has been increasing gradually. Now the number of poker tables stands at thirty.

The Sovereign Room too saw some up gradation which now has four additional private gaming rooms along with extra amenities like dining and lounge.

Above the Sovereign Room a new ultra exclusive area has been added which is called the Vermillion Room. This is a very special area where only invitees are allowed. Only Vermillion Card Members have access to this area. There are less than 100 Vermillion Card members at present.

Table Games
Most of the traditional casino games can be played at Star City including Poker, Pontoon, Three card poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Pai Gow, Sic Bo, Carabbean Stud, Rapid Roulette, and Four-card poker.

Star City Casino wanted to be innovative and tried to introduce new games. However some of the games that were introduced at different times had to be abandoned due to some reason or the other. These games included Two-up, Double-Chance and three card baccarat.

Electronic gaming
Star City presently has around 1490 electronic gaming machines which include rapid roulette, video poker machines, rapid big wheel, and slot machines.

Bars and restaurants
There are varieties of restaurants that are from five stars to Subway outlet. However not all of them are owned by Star City, quite a few of them are privately held restaurants. There are eight bars operated by Star City inside the complex. Some bars have live performance during the weekends.

Garden buffet of the Star City is very famous because you can eat as much prawn as you can. It is alleged that the prawns are fresh but it seems that the prawns are in fact frozen. However, everyone enjoys eating prawns to their heart’s fill.

Security cameras have been installed at the gaming floors in order to monitor any dispute that may arise any time. All the actions are logged and are used to settle any dispute the players may have. These cameras also used to identify any cheating that might take place in the gaming area.
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