England sends the super heroes to Zurich


Bidding phases for world sporting happenings are riddled with the numbers of tension and corruption that you would expect to find in a Hollywood blockbuster. Amongst all the bidding parties for 2018 are a couple of of the world’s most strong countries but even they are scared witless at the uncertainties concerning who each country will end up voting for.

England sends the super heroes to Zurich
England have sent through the dream team of David Cameron, Prince William and David Beckham complete with matching spandex super hero outfits in the hope that they can convince delegates that they deserve to host the World Cup. Meanwhile, Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin doesn’t seem that bothered at all. perhaps he’s just enjoying a hilarious vodka fuelled rave.

Holland and Belgium have generated sure to ship through enough marijuana and waffles to go around the room 10 times, whereas Spain and Portugal have generated it perfectly clear who has the absolute weather by providing a sample of sun burnt British and German holiday makers.

Given that all the host nations have presented their situations as to why their country should host the World Cup, it’s markedly likely that they will have missed out a couple of vital information. Lucky that we’re here to deliver it to FIFA ahead of tomorrow’s vital vote. Our information might not be to the level of WikiLeaks but FIFA should observe of a couple of of the fun that may be had in the bidding nations

England – well where do we start up with the English. Even discounting the fact that it’s home to the centre of the iGaming universe, London, there’s much more to get excited about. The city possibly has the most bookies per square mile and with the measure available; you’ll never be too far from somewhere to place a bet. You additionally have to take in consideration the climate of the country that can convert from day-to-day. Where else in the world can you expect to watch one game in 30-degree heat, the following day having to put up with a damp, dank evening’s proceedings? It’s bloody unique I say ya! If everything that isn’t enough, we had the Russians point out the most endearing feature; England’s binge drinking party culture!

Holland/Belgium – legal marijuana must have previously entered the minds of the FIFA delegates when they were seeking over the Dutch/Flemish bid. Not sure about much else despite the fact that it’s fairly central in Europe and they know how to organize a good party. This may be why they’re the outsiders to host the jamboree…

Spain/Portugal – there’s only one distinguishing circumstance that the Spaniards should look to embellish – you can get punch drunk the night before, and then have a sleep in the afternoon, before an evening’s football. Whether these sleeping agreements extend to the players is open to interpretation, but the hot weather is additionally a immense plus for this bid. Add to this the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo will be giving classes on how to pout and it’s a winning formula.

Russia – the size of the country is such that it presents the biggest ground in which to partake in a whole lot of vodka “sampling.” With all the different regions in the country, it would be rude not to visit every province to see what they have on offer. It should additionally be highlighted that Russia is home to Vladimir Putin. Calvin can say first hand that the Prime Minister realizes how to throw quite the party and we’re sure if the World Cup arrived on their shores every attempt would be generated to develop a party atmosphere.

Check back for a look at the 2022 bidders in the near future but for the time being, every man and his dog are selling odds on this, so go and bet!
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