Knick Knacks of the 75-Ball Bingo game

The bees knees 75-Ball Bingo is the next most favoured form of Bingo game, after the traditional 90 Ball Bingo you are au fait with in the UK, and is easy peasy in the true sense. Formerly much enjoyed by players in the United States and Canada, this exciting Bingo game is gaining strong popularity in the UK.

The lucid objective of this game is to mark off all your numbers in the number pattern displayed on your bingo ticket, and the first lucky player to finish this pattern emerges a winner! With 75-Ball Bingo there can also be more than one winner. If this happens, the Bingo game will split the prize between the winning players, blatantly fair and square!

Each ticket is comprises of five columns with five rows, modulated with random numbers beginning from 1 to 75, as the name itself suggests. The middle square on each ticket is mostly marked with a star and is known rather famously as the ‘free square’. The letters B-I-N-G-O are typically perched atop your 75 ball bingo card and they correspond with each of the five columns of the card. Random numbers are assigned on the column vertically under each letter. For example, five numbers between 1 to 15 are assigned under Column B, numbers between 15 to 30 under Column I, between 31 to 45 under Column N, between 46 to 60 under Column G and between 61 to 75 under Column O. The dealer calls them out as a combination, e.g., “B9” or “N40” or “O73”.

The 75-Ball Bingo has accomplished brill popularity due to its interesting patterns. Since the patterned card makes use of a five by five grid and with the word B-I-N-G-O appearing atop, it’s relatively simple to create patterns on this grid. These patterns range from seasonal patterns such as Christmas trees, to Easter bunnies at Easter time; making this an ace family game for the festive season.
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