What to Expect from New Bingo Sites in 2013

When bingo was first introduced, the game was usually played at carnivals and fairs. Then there were the community bingo halls that allowed for socialization through their regular bingo games. The advent of the internet gave rise to online bingo sites and one didn’t have to step out of the house to play this simple, yet lucrative community game. There are a number of online bingo sites today, that allow you to play this game from the comfort of your home, and even on the move.

With the new bingo sites 2013, here is what you can expect.

Improved Graphics

Whether you use a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone for playing online bingo, be assured of one thing - better and crispier graphics and improved user interface. When playing for real money, users would expect the quality of gaming to be top class, and that is what the new bingo sites aim to give them. To attract more customers and to retain the old ones, the online bingo rooms will hopefully work on upgrading and optimizing their bingo platforms for any device.

Higher Bingo Bonuses

If there is one thing that bingo players complain about, it is the meagerness of the bonuses that they get, when compared to their counterparts at online casinos. Bingo is a simple game and can be played by anybody with basic knowledge of how to use the computer and the internet, and the game of bingo. So online bingo and mobile bingo rooms should bank on this fact to offer better bonuses and attract as many members as they can. Higher bonuses are always a great incentive and will have players glued to a particular site for much longer.

Bingo with Social Networking

Bingo became an overnight hit with people from around the world because of is its social aspect. The traditional version of the game was fun mostly because it allowed people to meet and mingle with each other, while they participated in the game and won some money on the side. Many bingo sites have tried to replicate this feature of traditional bingo with their online chat features. In the new bingo sites 2013, we can expect game developers to integrate real money bingo with social networking sites. This means that you get to interact with more people, and also invite your own friends and family to join you in a game of online bingo through their social networking accounts.

Improved jackpots

With the kind of features and incentives they come up with, new bingo sites are sure to attract more number of players in the coming year. Growth in the number of players would also mean growth in ticket sales, which will lead to higher jackpots. So, the more the number of people in a bingo room more will be the jackpot amount. Should you get lucky and hit a bingo jackpot in 2013, you could be taking home thousands or even hundreds of thousands in cash prizes for all you know!
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