Video poker strategy

Although there is nothing you can do to affect the run of cards in video poker games such as jacks or better, there are various strategies adopted in the game by different players. So, if you’re hoping to alter or improve your gaming strategy, read on…

Taking risks
Casino games, as any punter knows, are all about risks, and getting the balance right between taking risks and staying safe. Perhaps the most popular game used to explain this point is blackjack, where you’re pitted against the dealer and have to learn how to hold your nerve! So, it probably comes as no surprise that the biggest difference between the tactics people use in video poker is the level of risk the respective player is prepared to take in the hope of winning one of the top prizes on offer.

The most popular strategy used in these sorts of games is to try and secure a payout of some sort at the very least. This means that after the first round of cards you will need to hold down high cards, which increase your chances of hitting a pair. This would of course result in a payout, even if it is just a case of getting your stake back, something that should not be underestimated in the context of a typical casino session, either online or offline.

Aiming for more lucrative hands
On the other hand, there are other people who are happy to turn down the opportunity to land a high pair but instead aim for a more lucrative hand that ranks much higher on the paytable. For example, if there are three spades after the opening round, you may choose to hold these cards and throw the other two which may be higher than a jack. You would do this because you would be hoping to hit your flush draw. This would be very rewarding if it paid off.
The tactics you choose may depend on the amount of luck you are having in your online or offline gaming session. If you are on a losing run after a few games of online slots, blackjack, roulette, or online poker, you may well feel the need to take more of a risk to try and chase back previous losses. It is best advised, though, not to just aim for the top prizes all of the time. If you do go down this road, you may struggle to land a payout at all and that would be bad news for your overall bankroll.
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