Casino Bonuses Explained

What’s the first thing you see when you visit an online casino? Their welcome bonus offer. And it makes sense: a big bonus can be a great reason to sign up. But until you look at the big picture, it’s hard to tell if you’re actually getting a good offer. So take a few minutes and make sure you understand these things before you take any bonus.

Types of Bonuses
Let’s say you see a bonus for $1,000. What does that actually mean? Well, that depends.

Most bonuses you’ll find are match bonuses. If you claim one of these, the casino will match your deposit. A typical 100% match bonus will give you $1 for every $1 you deposit. This percentage can be higher or lower, but one thing is always true: the bigger the deposit, the bigger the bonus.

There are other kinds of deposit bonuses too. Some are fixed bonuses that are the same regardless of the amount you deposit. Cashback offers will give you bonus cash if your luck takes a turn for the worse. Post-wagering offers give you a constant flow of bonus cash as you’re playing.

And, yes, some bonuses are actually free! You’re usually going to find these “no deposit bonuses” when you first sign up at a casino, or after you’ve been a loyal member for a while.

Wagering Requirements
Casinos know that they can’t just give money away. That’s why wagering requirements are put into place. Virtually all bonuses have them, and they can make the difference between a great offer and a rip-off.

Wagering requirements are usually stated as a multiplier. For instance, a 30x wagering requirement means that you have to play through your bonus 30 times before you can cash out. Some casinos also include the amount of the deposit in this figure.

In any event, you’ll always want to know the exact amount before you claim the bonus. If you aren’t sure, ask.

Territory Exclusions
You might think that if you can play at a casino, you can claim their bonuses. This is usually true. But, like many things in life, a few people can ruin it for everyone else.

Fraud and bonus abuse happen every day. Casinos who identify widespread fraud from a particular country or territory may block future bonuses from that region. It’s unfortunate, but it’s something you should always look for.

Special Restrictions
There might be a few other things included in a bonus – make sure you check. You might be limited with what games you can play. The bonus, especially if it’s a no deposit offer, may have a maximum cashout limit. And some bonuses can only be redeemed if you’ve already participated in another promotion. Always be on the lookout for these little restrictions!

Be Smart with Your Bonuses
That about covers it! Just keep these things in mind next time you’re in the mood for a bonus. And if you ever need more information about bonuses or the casinos that offer them, check out the online casino reviews at AskGamblers.
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