6 Misconceptions about sports betting

When it comes to sports betting, there are a number of sportsbooks in a crowded market all looking to offer you the best service in order to gain your custom.

There are also those people that will tell you a bunch of lies about sports betting to try and convince you not to do it.

Whilst there are negatives to sports betting, there are also a lot of positives as long as you do it responsibly. For example, betting on football can be enjoyed even more by keeping up with the scores on sites like Live Goals or watching free live streams offered by many sportsbooks.

Here are six common misconceptions about sports betting and the reasons why they are not true.

1) It’s all just a scam
Many people will tell you that sports betting is all just a scam and a sportsbook will always find a reason to not pay you your winnings.
This is a fabricated misconception that has no facts to back it up. If you stick to the rules and regulations of the sportsbook you are using then they have to pay you what you win.

You are making a legal agreement with the sportsbook by placing the bet and it is an obligation by law that winnings are paid out within a certain time.

2) It is against the law
Whilst it is true that certain countries have legal restrictions on sports and online betting, it isn’t illegal everywhere.

It is perfectly legal to place a bet in more than 70 countries worldwide without the fear of ending up being arrested or heavily fined for it.
It is down to you to check the law in the country you are in, but it should be clearly stated on the sportsbook before placing a bet.

3) It will lead to addiction
It is a very common misconception that all gamblers are addicts and only do it because they feel they have to.

This is not true and a high percentage of sports betters are doing it for enjoyment, fun and as a form of entertainment. These players usually set themselves a limit and only bet when they can afford to do so.
Addiction to anything is an illness and if you feel yourself becoming addicted you can seek help. Sports betting alone is not the reason this will happen though.

4) It’s not safe
Some people think that if they place a sports bet online, they will have all of their personal information stolen and become a victim of fraud or theft.
You may have read news stories about websites being hacked and people becoming victims of identity fraud etc. but if you use a reputable and professional sportsbook you should have nothing to worry about.
Proper sportsbooks will keep all of your information safe and use secure payment links when dealing with deposits and withdrawals. Sports betting is perfectly safe unless you use a non-reputable sportsbook.

5) It’s all fixed to ensure profit
A lot of people believe that sportsbooks can somehow fix sports matches when they are at risk of losing a lot of money.

Not only is this an absurd misconception, it would be almost impossible to put into practice and also would lead to the sportsbook losing more money in the long run.

Although there has been cases of match fixing and betting fraud over the years, it isn’t something that happens on a regular basis and not every sportsbook is involved in it.

6) You will win more by spending more
Now, this one needs a proper explanation. It is true that if you place a bigger stake on a bet then your winnings from that bet will be increased. This doesn’t mean you will win more by spending more.

Spending more can also lead to you losing more and that is why ‘spending more to win more’ is a big misconception. You should always stick to what you can afford and never ever chase your losses.

If you start betting more than you can afford and it is no longer fun, you may be developing a problem and need to stop immediately. Stick to a limit and have fun sports betting to get the most enjoyment from it.

Keep It Entertaining
Sports betting should only be done as a form of entertainment and only if you can afford to do it. Stick to responsible gambling and ignore anyone that tells you any of our six common misconceptions.
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