Guide to Football Betting Systems

It’s estimated that the global sports betting market has a value of around £2 billion, with 65% of that being attributed to football (or soccer) betting, making football one of the biggest gambling markets in the world.

Whether you’re gambling for fun or use it as a means to make some extra money, everyone has their own strategy or technique. Going with your gut, running with the stats or following the odds are the methods of choice for most of us un-successful casual gamblers, but it does beg the age old question… Is there a strategy that can help you beat the system?

We took a look at the most commonly trusted betting strategies to find out their advantages and disadvantages.

Labouchere System
The Labouchere system started out as a strategy for playing roulette, however it has become a widely utilised football betting strategy using odds of 2.00. To start using this system you must first determine the money you’re willing to bet and how much you want to profit. The next step is to write out numbers from 1 until the sum of those number is equal to your target winnings. For example if you wanted to win £45 you’d write out 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.

The basic principle is that the size of your bet equals the number generated when you add the first and last numbers of your sequence together. If the bet comes in then you cross those numbers out and go again. If the bet loses you take the sum of the first and last number and add that onto the end of the sequence and continue to bet. Once all the numbers are crossed out you’ve made your desired profit.

The obvious disadvantage to this system is that bets get very big after a string of loses meaning that you’d need a sufficient bank roll to continue with the system. However, theoretically if you continued with the system and placed good bets, you’re guaranteed to hit your target in the long run.

Fibonacci System
Who said you’d never use maths after school? Leonardo Fibonacci, the infamous Italian mathematician devised the Fibonacci sequence of numbers in which each number is the sum of the previous two before, for example 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,56 etc. And believe it or not, this can be utilised in betting as successful system.

The underlying principles of using the sequence in betting is to increase the size of your bet at every loss by one move to the right and reduce it at every win with 2 moves to the left. For example, a £1 loosing bet would result in your next bet being £1, if that lost again it would become £2 and so on. If a bet of £8 won, your next bet would be £3, got it? It’s important to remember that it’s advisable to place bets on odds of 2.00 when using this strategy.

This system is extremely easy to use and is the method of choice for many sports bettors, however it isn’t ultimately sustainable on an average bank roll. With a string of loses easy to come by, you could find yourself quickly betting incredible sums of money just to re-coup the losses acquired throughout the sequence.

Both Teams to Score
This one isn’t so much of system but more of a tactic, but the concept is pretty much as simple as it gets. You select a game in which you believe both teams with score at least a single goal and place your money on that. Simple right? Predicting a win loss or draw can be extremely tough due to countless variables, situations and outside factors, however predicting a goal is much simpler and statistical.

The first thing you ideally want to look for is attack minded teams that defend poorly. Using this strategy on the likes of Man United, Chelsea and Arsenal is maybe not the best idea, looking at the bottom half of the table is a much more fruitful practice due to the poorer quality of players, especially in defensive areas.

Recent form, team selection, previous results and average goals conceded and scored per game are crucial stats to take into account when using this method. Utilising these stats in leagues with a high rate of goals per game sets you up for a very successful statistical approach to your betting.

All the above betting systems/methods aren’t guaranteed to increase your profit or reduce your losses, they’re simply a way to approach your betting and should be used In accordance with your means. This article was supplied by My Betting Bonus, head over there to find out more about betting bonuses.
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