Top 5 online slots for 2016

The top 5 online slots for 2016 may have been hard to determine previously, but the year is getting closer and closer to being finished. As such, it is now getting easier for people to be able to judge the output of this year of online casino gaming and online casino slot production. Of course, some of the most popular games currently have been fairly consistently popular, so people might want to ask themselves whether or not those games count among the top 5 online slots for 2016. If they are among the most popular slot games of 2016, people still might say that they count regardless of whether or not they were actually introduced in the year 2016. The website has a lot of great choices for the people who are interested in seeing everything that the online gaming world has to offer this year and next.

The Guns N Roses slot machine game is one of the most popular of the online slot games of today. Some people just really love this game from the standpoint of nostalgia. Guns N Roses was a very popular group back in the 1980s and the 1990s, and a lot of people will still want to listen to music from that era and appreciate a lot of the iconography that they can find today. This is also a game that offers a good experience and really high-quality graphics, and on that basis alone, this is a slot game that is really worth playing.

Lost Vegas is another game that belongs among the top 5 online slots for 2016. This is a game that features zombies, which means that it was more or less guaranteed to become popular. Adding zombies to anything seems to bring in the fans these days, and this is a game that works well on mobile devices. The structure of the reels is well-done. People can really appreciate this game even outside of its popular theme.

Triple Diamond is another really popular online slot game today. In many ways, this one is a little bit more like a classic slot game than many of the others on the market today, which is going to make it much more popular among certain groups of players. They are going to recognize and appreciate certain old-fashioned slot symbols. This is a game that combines nostalgia with high technology.

Buffalo is an online slot game that is popular today, and its theme is very easy to guess. This is another game that is really exciting and should continue to hold up, since it is one of the most played slot games of all time. It is actually a game that can be played online for free, but many people are going to want to try their chances.

Stinkin Rich is a game with a name that is hard to argue with, and this is a game that is known for really giving players a solid chance to earn money. It has managed to become really popular on that basis alone, and on the basis of the promises that it offers just in its title.
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