Things You Need To Know About Gambling in Switzerland

Switzerland has some of the most bizarre gambling laws in Europe. Just think about it – all gambling (from big stake casinos to casual lotteries) were banned up until 1993. Then gambling became legal but the sakes were limited. As millennium hit in the year 2000 limits on the stakes were removed.

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Since then roughly 60% of adult population enjoy occasional gambling, 40% visit brick and mortar casinos and 20% consider themselves frequent gamblers. Intriguingly enough – the laws and regulations of Switzerland, despite allowing gambling forbid local online casinos. Whats even more paradox – online casinos hosted in different countries are allowed and Swiss citizens can enjoy a few spins without any legal consequences. Mindboggling, is it not?

What does it mean for the player? You can visit, pick a casino that favors your fancy, and enjoy several hundreds of free spins. And yet local economy has no right to benefit from digital casino earnings or taxes. Weird, right?


In Switzerland the gambling market is regulated by none other than the SFGB or the Swiss Federal Gambling Board.

This is a governmental body that people trust overseeing all operations in Casinos, national lotteries and sports betting events. This is a benefit for both the facilities and the people of Switzerland as every last gambling entity applies with the laws of fair odds and responsible gaming. All of the casinos must also obtain a license from the Swiss federal Counsel. This amplifies security of players and minimises the risks for both the gambler and the dealer.

Land-based lotteries apply in accordance to the Federal Act on Lotteries as well as Commercial Betting that was signed back in 1932. The paper alone is not all that stands as protection for players. The Comlot was established in 2006 – the Board for betting and lotteries. These guys, for some reason, choose to allow cantons on a local lever yet still do not allow lotteries of national scale.

What does a gambler need to know in Switzerland? His limitations are minimal while protection from governmental bodies is maxed for player security. Alas, the player will be forced to pay out taxes from all his winnings unless…

Unless he or she gamble online! Casinos are not local and dont fall under the jurisdiction of Switzerland meaning not a single person will charge a cent of taxes. However one must choose a casino wisely while picking up only those sites who apply to international gambling laws and are certified y both European authorities and the entities from the British Isles or Malta.
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