Tutorial - How to play Keno

Keno is a game in which table tennis like balls numerated 1 through 80 are contained in a device known as a squirrel cage or goose. Twenty balls are drawn at random. The player marks her chosen numbers on a ticket corresponding to the 80 possible draws. The player can bet on 1 number or as many as 15. Obviously, it's more difficult to correctly pick 15 of 20 numbers selected than 1 of the 20 chosen.

Therefore, the amount won by the player is a function of the difficulty of the pick. Each number chosen by the player that is one of the 20 drawn is known as a “catch”. A payoff schedule is provided by the casino, pointing how much a marked ticket can win. The payoff are for the wager, which means that the player is paid $1 for his $1 wager if he catches two of four numbers.

How to play keno

The player’s disadvantage in keno is usually between 25% and 30%, depending on the payoff schedule and the total numbers marked.
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