Understanding Casino Hand Signals

For people who spend more time playing online, using great sites like Betfair Casino, then their first time in a land casino can be a little daunting with a whole host of new conventions to remember. One of the more confusing aspects of offline play is remembering the proper hand signals when you want to convey something to the dealer or the dealer needs to relay something to the table. So, to give you the best chance of getting everything right first time, weve come up with this handy guide.

Starting with the simplest- Roulette. Its expected that youll place the bet on the relevant number yourself but if you cant reach, the dealer will do it for you. Once the dealer waves his hands horizontally across you cant place any more bets and its important you keep your hands off the table until all the losing bets have been collected. Pretty simple so far!

Craps is similar, most of the hand movements are purely in the interest of fairness. While theres a lot of etiquette attached to the game that doesnt involve hand gestures, as far as your hands go the most important one is that you keep your hands off the table when the dice are being rolled and that you throw them with one hand. This is pretty self-explanatory, but its to make sure nobody cheats and tries to alter the result. If you dont want to be the shooter for this round, you can pass to the player to your right though its considered unlucky to do so if youve been winning big for a while!

Moving on, lets talk about poker. You might be familiar with some of these gestures from your experience with popular media, one of the most famous examples being (perhaps appropriately) Casino Royale. While James Bond plays it cool and the situation is shot to heighten the drama, the actual gestures involved are good illustrations of the type of hand signals youd be expected to make so everyone knows your intentions. Easiest to remember, if youre folding, you put your cards in the middle facedown to show youre bowing out of this round. Its important you keep good track of the chips going in, especially offline where software cant do it for you. If youre seeing a players bet and planning to bet the same amount you need to slide in a stack of the same number of chips. If you want to raise, you should follow this up with another stack of chips so its clear to everyone the amount youre raising even if they cant hear you. When everyones raised as much as they want for the hand, tap the table to indicate youre planning to check. Then all thats left is the showdown!

This isnt even bringing up Blackjack which has a complicated system that depends on what type of game youre playing, face up or face down. But luckily, this attached infographic will let you know the essentials of Blackjack as well as all the other games weve talked about here.
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