Mobile Gaming: Could AR Change the Game

Anyone thats made a move in the mobile casino world over the last five years cant help but have noticed how things have changed. In the early days of online gaming at the turn of the millennium, mobile products werent a thing. Indeed, because the iPhone was only just finding its way into the hands of users, developers didnt have a way for you to play on the go.

Naturally, as technology evolved and players started calling for more ways to play, mobile gaming started to take shape. Initially, the way you had to play was set-up a separate account, make a deposit via your desktop account and then access a handful of games via a mobile site. As things evolved and Omni-channel software came into being, operators were able to link your iGaming accounts and eliminate the need for you to create separate desktop and mobile accounts. Additionally, Omni-channel technology meant that games could cross boundaries and be playing via all mediums.

From Websites to Apps and Beyond

The end result was apps filled with 200+ games and just as much functionality as their desktop counterparts. That, in a very small nutshell, is the history of the mobile casino industry and brings us up to todays current options. However, thats not the end of the story. With the foundation set and the fundamentals in place, developers have been given the freedom to experiment and get creative. This, as youd expect, has led to some impressive innovations. For example, when you scroll through reviews and overviews of the top mobile slots, youll now see games that offer all manner of mobile-specific features, more details of which at MobileCasinoMan.

At the top of the shop, push notifications are now common across the major mobile operators. Giving you a personal insight into the latest deals, games and offers, these notifications are sent direct to your device so youre always in touch with the action. Beyond this, youll be able to play games such as Mega Moolah and Gonzos Quest by swiping down the reels instead of hitting the bet button. If that wasnt enough, some slots now give you the option to spin the reels by shaking your device. Making full use of the mobile accelerometer housed inside the best smartphones, this feature not only creates a greater connection between the mobile and the game, but adds a new dimension to your experience.

With all this in place, its fair to say that mobile casino gaming is now as good and, in some respects, better than desktop gaming. Now, if weve seen how far mobile casino gaming has come in a decade, its entirely plausible that things will get even better in the coming years. In many respects, mobile casino gaming could easily become the default medium for online gamers in the next decade and, in our opinion, artificial reality (AR) could make this possible.

AR to Usher in New Experiences

Although the technology is still in its infancy, weve already seen how popular it can be with Pokémon Go. Since its release, Pokemon Go has made more than $1 billion and currently has an estimated install rate of 26,337 downloads per day. One of the main reasons this game was a hit is because it made gaming feel real. By overlaying virtual scenes onto the world around us, the game essentially showed us the future of mobile gaming. Taking this, there is no reason mobile casino game developers couldnt do something similar. For example, instead of playing a slot game on the screen, why not project it onto a wall in front of you? Or, if that doesnt suit, what about cards being dealt onto a desk or table instead of the screen?

Basically, with AR, we could bring the casino world into our worlds like never before. This would clearly push the boundaries once again and, potentially, make mobile gaming more appealing than desktop casinos. Of course, its unlikely online casinos will ever fall by the wayside, but it is possible they could take a beat seat in the coming years. Of course, anything is possible in a rapidly changing industry, but it certainly seems as though mobile casinos will continue to evolve and that will change the game for the better.
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