Tutorial - How to play Red Dog

Red Dog is a simple game from the ancient West played with three cards. After getting two cards, the player wins if the following card dealt is ranked between the first two cards. If all three cards are the equivalent rank, the player wins 11 to 1.

Game Play
After placing the initial bet, the player gets two cards. If the two cards are different, the player must choose either to raise the bet (with an amount equal to the initial bet) or continue with the current bet before receiving the third card.

The player wins if the third card falls numerically between the first two cards. Winning hands are paid based on the spread between the first two cards-how far apart the first two cards rank. The player loses the total bet-including any raised bet-if the third card does not fall between the first two cards.

Howto play red dog

When the first two cards have consecutive ranks (for example, 5 and 6), then the hand is a tie and all bets are returned to the player.

When the first two cards have the same rank, the third card is automatically dealt. If the third card has the same as the first two, the player wins eleven times the initial bet. If the third card is different than the first two, the game is a push, and all bets are brought back to the player.
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