Gambling - The Adverse Effects of Gambling

Gambling when becomes addictive has negative effects, although many people who gamble do not face any negative consequences and they do it for fun. Some people who gamble suffer from not only financial problems but also they need to confront social stigmatization. These people can even face psychological problems. The problem of gambling is not restricted to individuals, but even families and communities suffer also suffer due to this problem. Due to gambling debt of many people rose substantially. Gambling related debts amount to more than $ 26,000 every year. The average economic as well as social costs are quite high among gamblers. Gambling becomes an addiction for many people, which leads them to steal or rob. There are various instances when it is seen that a gambler robs just to make sure that he could play. His family or his financial status no longer remains his concern at that point of time. This is the reason why many treatment centers are being set up to treat those addicted to gambling. In a study it has been found that more than 50 % of the gamblers who are pathological have abused their spouses for money. There has been a sharp increase in domestic violence from the time gambling became popular among masses.

The children of these gamblers are also not spared. They are prone to abuses from their gambler parent. These gambling parents neglect their children as a result of which the kids suffer. According to a survey, those kids whose parents are gamblers can end up being gamblers too. Children of gamblers have often been found to use high levels of tobacco and alcohol. They might even end up being a drug addict or end up with the habit of over eating. Gamblers who were suffering the negative consequences of gambling did even have suicidal tendencies. Some of them even tried to commit suicide.

Many of the pathological gamblers who are suffering the negative consequences of gambling can have depressive disorder. This disorder results in a lot of suicides. It has gained prominence in the last decade and its negative effects not only ruined people but also their families. Gambling can lead to a financial catastrophe in a person’s life. This addiction can be cured with the help of various rehab treatments available. A gambler should not allow it become an addiction, otherwise he will have to face negative consequences.
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