Black Jack - A Card Game Involving Good Strategy for Winning Money

Black jack is a widely played game in the world. It is a casino banking game. This game involves adding the value of two cards in the hope of getting twenty-one. If after adding, the value of two cards is not twenty-one then the player can choose single cards until the value adds up to or more than twenty-one. The winner is the person whose value adds up to twenty-one and not more or less. In different casinos this game is played in many variations and with different table rules. The casino version of this game is quiet different from the British version of the card game. The British version of the black jack has different set of rules for playing it than that of the casino version. Black jack is a game whose origin is unknown.

The basic strategy that is followed while playing this game is based on total point players and visible card dealers. After the year 2000, professional gamblers were invited to nominate the black jack for admission into the hall of fame. Seven members were inducted till 2002 after which new members are been inducted every year. Some books have been written regarding black jack. This game became very popular in the European countries after 1600, which was then known by different names in different places. During those times, bonuses were paid out on players’ hands. The hand in this game was called black jack. This is how the game got its name. The bonus system has now been abolished but the name of the game remains as it is.

This game is played on a kidney shaped table in various casinos. After getting his two cards the player has four options to choose from and each of these options is required to be signaled by the hand. A black jack player can encounter variation in rules which can affect his winning, so he needs to be very careful regarding the variation in rules. Some casinos offer a fifth option which is surrender. A player can surrender and leave the game whenever he wishes. Some casinos even offer side bets along with the black jack games. When a player has an advantage he can go for larger bets. After seeing the cards in his hands, he should plan his next strategy as this game is all about proper strategizing. Various techniques other than counting card can swing the game in the favor of the player.
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