Gambling - Is It A Vice

The word ‘gambling’ signifies an action by which an individual wagers money or something which has material worth in a bid to gain back additional money. Over the years many forms of gambles have evolved and along with it institutions supporting such activities developed. The horse racing, dog racing, betting and casinos have taken shape promoting gambling in mass scale and generating huge revenue from gamblers.

Although gambling is considered a detestable practice by the society and religion but in today’s stressful environment many have found solace in this particularly malicious practice. Many have earned millions by investing a meager amount and are considered the lucky few. But often gamblers lose heavily and are driven into the addiction of gambling purely because they want to win back the astronomical amounts that they have lost while gambling. Gambling is often referred to as the game of the rich but it is not really so. Even the impoverished is drawn into this vicious cycle. In small towns, local bars act as casinos where often a game of card is commenced over money. Gambling is a social scourge. People not only become broke but they often resort to violence to get back the money they had lost. In some cases murders have been committed.

In the past religious organizations have imposed ban on gambling, however now some forms of gambling are permitted by the legal system. Casinos and race courses have sprung up. The irony however is that along side these industries have propped up as many correction centers for those who have become addicted to this vicious game. In this world gambling is considered as a form of profound entertainment. It is expected that individuals will play this game responsibly and without causing trouble to others. The society has also made some very stringent laws to deter miscreants from inflicting harm. Gambling nowadays is been regulated by the governments of various nations. Licensing is one such method by which it is monitored by federal agencies and governments.

Many states however have prospered with the growth of the casinos and gambling industries. Huge revenues generated from gambling have been invested in infrastructure and for public well being. In USA the State of Nevada has prospered due to the development of the gambling industry. However illegal gambling also takes place. This is the most dangerous form of gambling as it is unregulated by the government.
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