Various Kinds of Gamblers and Their Habits

Gambling is a fun for many, a source of pure enjoyment and refreshment. Some gamblers have made astronomical profits from gambling due to which their entire courses of lives have changed. Again some have made huge losses which have forced them to take the extreme step of life, which is suicide. For some gamblers it can become a serious proposition. So one needs to know and segregate the gamblers accordingly and understand their distinctive traits. If one enters this arena of wagering will the sole intention of always making profit then that person would surely be in for a rude shock. Based upon the research conducted by many distinguished psychologists some classifications have been cleared made.

Talking about the first category of gambler one needs to mention about the professional gambler. These gamblers have actually transformed gambling into a full time profession and earn a regular monthly income from this. In many instances they have been found to be highly talented and skilled in certain games over which they have developed an enviable level of mastery and adroitness. They can control or even alter the course of the game and its duration!! They cannot be termed as addicts as they play with a fully rational mind and have developed proper strategies to maximize their profits and capitalize on the opportunities. Then there is the kind of gambler who does betting activities illegally. They are not approved by any authorized or government agencies. They are usually the match-fixers and the people who arrange for horse and dog fixing. They do their activities unscrupulously and in their effort to win money often take resort to unfair practices to beat their opponents.

Again there is the third category of gamblers whom we often see around us in various parties or other social gatherings. They mainly pursue gambling for recreational purposes and derive entertainment from these sorts of activities. They are mainly putting in their money for fun and this not a serious thing for them. Their main source of money income is in some other profession or activity. They are mostly family persons and belong to the traditional and orthodox class of people. This is in stark contrast to the serious gambler who would sacrifice anything for getting their gambling activities undertaken.

Again there is a group of gamblers who seek relief from the mental agony and the boredom through which they are going through in life through gambling. They are quite lonely, have depressive symptoms, are overtly anxious and try to forget their miseries in life through this activity. Lastly, the most serious category is the compulsive gamblers who cannot imagine live without gambling and also do not have any control over their habits. They are willing to sacrifice anything for gambling even at the cost of their near and dear ones. This is a serious trait and they often need psychiatric intervention.
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