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ARIA Resort & Casino at CityCenter
3730 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Reservations (866) 359-7757

Details about Aria:
Aria Resort at City Center features a fantastic piece of art and it exhibits the marvelous piece of architecture. The services are unparalleled and the quality is matchless. Moreover, the quality of material is also great.

Fantastically Designed By Most Popular Firm Pelli Clarke Pelli:
The architecture of Aria is beautiful and the design reveals the true masterpiece. The steel which is of curve nature is beautiful, and the towers are even more elegant. The most interesting thing about them is that they make use of the natural materials. These materials render them more beauty and they stand out among all other resorts. The area is huge and there is enough space to have enjoyment. Moreover, the rooms have beautiful light and it makes all rooms bright and colorful.
Now let us come to the interior design of Aria resort casino. As a matter of fact, this aspect is also paid a lot of attention and the outcome is up to the expectations. This is the reason that the interior of Aria has gathered much praise and plaudits from all. The surroundings are serene and the environment is very peaceful. These are the things that have magnetized all towards it.

Aria hotel


Guestrooms: There are 4004 guestrooms and this include 568 suites.

Amazing Restaurants: The restaurants are simple great. There are 16 restaurants and there are 10 bars. All of the restaurants and all bars are equally interesting and they have many features in them. Moreover, they have kept in consideration the enjoyment aspects of all people. There are many factors for entertainment in them. These restaurants have the best chefs in the world and the meals they prepare are palpable and delicious.

Shopping: Crystals which would be a huge shopping area of Aria is a special attraction. It has all luxuries and all comforts are packed in it. David Rockwell and Rockwell Groups have rendered ultimate beauty to the shopping mall. They have designed the architecture of this shopping mall and the interior is beautiful. All sources of entertainment are available. So there would never be any sort of boredom for anyone who visits this.

Conference Area: 300,000 square-feet are dedicated to the Conference Area. Just give a thought to fantastic decorated and beautiful interior designed Aria is perfect for all meetings. So the modern outlook makes this area the best for your meeting venues. There are also four ballrooms that are best suited for huge gatherings. So if you want to invite a lot of people then accommodation is not a problem at all as you have enough space for them in Aria. In fact, all needs are considered in the architecture of Aria. There are also theatrical stages that are equally beautiful. These stages are great for skits and theatrical shows.

Entertainment: Aria has shouldered the responsibility to pay a tribute to great Elvis Presley. This is the reason that arrangement has been made for managing a musical show to pay tribute to Elvis Presley. For this, the contract has been made with the Elis Presley Enterprise Groups. This is a real treat for all who are the die-hard fans of Elvis Presley and they really have treat attending this show.
Fitness Considerations: Aria has dedicated 80,000 square-feet for relaxations and meditation rooms. So if you want to relax then the room is for you and the room is fantastically decorated. Moreover, if you want to meditate then meditation room is ready for you. The peace and tranquility provided in these rooms is matchless and you would definitely be impressed by the beauty and serene environment. Moreover, there are also barbers shops. There are also salons for women so that they can get grooming they need. The best thing about the relaxation and meditation rooms is that they are separate for men and women to create an ease for both of them. You can get every type of grooming in Aria resort casino as skin care and message centers are available.

Aria pool
Aria room

Pool: The pool area that is dedicated in ARIA is 215,000 which is considerable huge. This pool would be the best pool you would have ever seen. There are lush green plantations around this pool which make it even more beautiful and awesome. These plantations have increased the beauty of the pool all the more.

Casino: 16,000 square feet has been dedicated to casinos. This is really a great treat for all those who are into gaming. So if you are interested in gaming then these casinos are for you. The environment is beautiful and none of your needs goes begging in these casinos.

Some Other Enhancements:
Guests have been provided with the option to make any of their likings as an alarm for waking up in the morning. If you want to get up by music then arrangement has been made that you would get up with that music. However, if you want to go for opening of curtains to wake you up then this is also possible.

One button touch would change all the settings of the room.
The windows are huge and beautiful.
Wireless internet facility is available.
Business centers are available to fulfill your business needs.
Housekeeping services are also available for you.
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