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3600 Las Vegas Blvd. South,
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Reservations (888) 987-6667

Details About Bellagio:
Enjoy vacations in Bellagio. This is one of the best hotels which can provide you the best entertainment and luxury. All fun is packed in this hotel. There are many features that are mind-boggling and the beauty of these features has always magnetized people. This hotel features a manmade lake which is an acre. This lake has gathered heaps of plaudits from all over the world as this is the best and most enticing lake ever developed. This is not the only thing that this hotel can show off. There are many other features which are equally innovative and creative and can mesmerize all around the globe.

The interior is unparalleled and it has been magnificently designed by the bets designers of the world. The most noticeable thing is the flower pattern of nearly 2000 flowers in the lobby. This flower pattern is actually the highlight as you enter into the resort. It gives you a sense of freshness as you enter the hotel. The fountains are even more beautiful and they have various colors which make them even more beautiful. The flowers and trees are actually more attractive.

Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas
Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas

The best thing is that these are real and they add enormous beauty to the resort. You can have a smooth stride in the day in the Via Bellagio which has all things which you require. This is packed with the famous brand names such as Gucci and many others so if you want any accessory then it is easily available for you.

The pool of this hotel is another attraction. This is especially for those who are avid music listeners because at night, various shows are arranged on it. Special arrangements are made and they are really praiseworthy due to the unique and creative concept. At night, a beautiful performance is rendered by Cirque de Soleil. It uses millions of gallons for the accommodation of the artists so that they can perform well.

The environment of Bellagio really becomes very romantic and it is perfect for all love birds around the world. The surroundings become very romantic and you can spice up your love in those surroundings. Once you are finished with listening the music in the show, there is arrangement of dance floors so that you can dance in the mild light. This is the best you can get in Las Vegas. Moreover, this hotel has every palpable food that you need. All sumptuous meals are ready in the hotel for you. Tasty Olives, Aqua and many other gourmet meals are available in this hotel.


Rooms: There are 3933 guest rooms in the hotel which are enough for accommodating huge number of guests.

Casino: There is 100,000 square feet casino in the hotel which has all games. So if you are interested in casinos then all casino games are ready for you.

Various Dining Available: There is fine dining as well as casual dining. Some of the fine dining items include Jasmine, Shintaro and many others while casual dining items include The Buffet and many others.

Shopping: All of your shopping needs are taken care of in this hotel. Via Bellagio and some others like Via Fiore have all accessories you need.

Bellagio Hotel pool
Bellagio Hotel Room

Chapels for Wedding: There are two wedding chapels; one is called East Chapel while the other is called South Chapel. East chapel is smaller and it can accommodate 30 guests while South Chapel is huge and can accommodate 100 guests. All wedding enhancements are available such as photography and various decorations.

Attractions of Hotel: The various attractions of the hotel include beautiful fountains that cover considerable area. The musical shows are fantastic. The shows start from 3PM to 7PM from Monday to Friday. The Botanical Gardens are loaded with various flowers that seem very attractive and beautiful. Similarly, there is also Bellagio Gallery Of Fine Art which features beautiful Picasso paintings. These are beautiful and elegant at the same time.

Entertainments: There is special arrangement to take care of your enjoyment. There is a nightclub called Light for all your dancing needs.

Grooming: Spas Bellagio is there to groom you by providing you skin care and massage.

Pool: This is an area which is a major attraction of the place. There are 5 pools in Bellagio and all of them are extremely beautiful. There are also 52 cabanas which really attract all guests who visit Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas.

Some Other Amusements:
There are 24 hour services, fantastic car parking, various shops and courts for playing
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