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Located in Macau's Fisherman's Wharf, Babylon Casino opened up for the public on December 23, 2005. It is owned by Dr. Ho's SJM. Babylon Casino, also known as Casino Babylon was originally destined to be a nightclub on Fisherman's Wharf but the plan was altered and a casino was set up instead.

If you compare Babylon's casino to most other dignitary casinos in Macau, it is more or less average sized with modest amenities. With a total provision of slot machines which are nearly 120 in number and table games which are close to hundred, Babylon offers several attractions to tourists and remains open all day long for people to enjoy.

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The Casino comprises of two main rooms, one of which is an extra-ordinary huge, extravagantly decked and has a very natural and realistic tone to it. The second room, also known as gambling floor, with its aesthetic décor is just as beautiful to behold.

The dealers are friendly and welcome you with great hospitality. They will assist you in finding a game for you to enjoy and you can spend hours on a single table.

Situated at the rear of a place called Fisherman’s Wharf, Babylon Casino is at a very short distance from Macau to the terminal of Hong Kong. Several other casino gambling floors line the area nearby. These comprise Sands Macao, Galaxy Waldo, Mandarin Oriental, Macau Palace. Another casino, which is in the initiation stages and planning, is the awesome "Trinity" casino which is wonderful and amazing!

The guards working at the casino are mostly from the Indian Subcontinent. They are fluent in English and can provide any necessary assistance required.

Babylon Casino is reluctant to proffer any accommodation of its own. Therefore, you have to explore the area nearby for boarding purposes. A hotel known as "The Rocks,” is the closest to the Casino. It offers 72 rooms of four different types, namely Deluxe Rooms, Premier Room, Grande Premier Rooms, and Suites which are Premier. The rates of the rooms vary from US$200 to nearly US$600 per night. The Rocks is actually high-start rated hotel with extravagant previous century’s architecture, lavish interiors, luxurious and comfortable places and is only at a distance of very few steps from the Macau to Hong Kong ferry and the Macao Sands. In addition, it is adjacent to Babylon Casino. Given its proximity to the Casino as well as the facilities of the hotel, staying at this fantastic hotel can be a pleasurable experience.

Babylon Casino truly remains the main place at the Fisherman's Wharf; here you can find dozens of restaurants catering to varying tastes and cuisines. These include Sky’s Lounge and Vic’s Cafe. The Fisherman's Wharf is virtually a very small and fantastically decorated park with Disney World type themed lands. Some more places include New Orleans, Amsterdam, Alaadin’s, Rome, Cape Town, Lisbon, and even Africa! The Aladdin’s Fort is something that the kids will enjoy to their heart’s content. A restaurant in the African land called AfriKana BBQ Restaurant is a great place to try some ethnic food if you are looking for a different taste for your meals.

There is a vast assortment of interesting things that can be done at Fisherman's Wharf that will engross you and make for a memorable experience.
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