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Jai Alai casino is to Macau what the El Cortez is to Vegas. Jai Alai Casino attracts the most serious of the hard core gamblers from all over the city. The downside of it is that the casino is located in an old semi-dilapidated building that is desperately seeking attention for renovation. The table games and felts are equally lacking for want of repairs and replacements. The casino has several features including a mini baccarat area, which is somehow neglected in a back section. For all practical purposes, you may want to skip this joint, as it is highly unlikely that it will appeal to your tastes and is certainly not one for most tourists.

Jai Alai casino

Jai Alai casino is one of the oldest casinos you will find in all of Macau. This place dates back to the 1960s when there were hardly any buildings in the vicinity. In terms of infrastructure, it was lacking back then, although several new estates and buildings have now come up in the area.

Casino Jai Alai is located on the north east end of the Macau strip. It is three blocks away from the Avenida de Amizade. It is also a short walk to the ferry terminal and several other casinos like the Mandarin Casino Oriental and the Sands Macao are close by.

The Jai Alai hotel is attached to the Jai Alai Casino. However, staying at this place is not recommended given the conditions of this place and you can check out other options to stay that are in the vicinity and in a much better state.

Inside the Jai Alai plaza, there are several dining joints available. However, it is again recommended that you skip eating at them, as they may not be your safest best to a healthy and fulfilling meal. One of the features at the Jai Alai hotel is the facility of a sauna.

Again, given the weather conditions of the city you will not find many people making use of the sauna. On the whole, this is casino in Macau that you will want to steer clear off unless you can make do with all the flipsides of the place.
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